Five reasons to travel on business jet charter in Toronto

Considered as the financial capital of Canada, Toronto is also the fourth largest city in North America and home to many industries. It is no surprise then that everyday Toronto sees top-level business executives traveling back and forth from all over the world. For these frequent flyers, time is of essence. With long lineups at airports and delayed or cancelled flights, lost time means lost money. Charter Air Transportation Services (CATS) Inc., a premium business jet charter company in Toronto, is the solution to your business travel problems. Here are five reasons to travel via business jet charter in Toronto: 

  1. Productivity. Business travelers can make the most of their time when flying with CATS, increasing productivity. You can avoid missed or delayed flights and connections and lengthy layovers when you fly business jet charter and directly get to multiple locations in one day. For those executives who choose to work while flying, maximize productivity with the private work environment and travel tools that are available.
  2. Convenience. Flying with CATS means convenience. Unlike other jet charter services, CATS owns its fleet of business aircrafts. This means your business flight won’t be delayed or cancelled for reasons other than inclement weather. With a business jet charter, you will board as soon as the flight is ready for departure. Flights are customized according to your schedule.
  3. Comfort. Ultimate in luxury, business jet charter offers comfort and stress-free travel. With state-of-the-art aircrafts and many on-board amenities, passengers travel in comfort and style, arriving at their business destination without the usual travel fatigue and stress.
  4. Service. CATS prides itself with its unparalleled quality of service and attention to detail. Whether you are looking to fly frequently with them or on a one-off business trip, CATS looks after the smallest of details and helps make arrangements associated with your trip. The CATS team comprises of industry veterans and their approach to personalized clients service makes this company unique.
  5. Affordability. Dispelling the myth that business jet charters is only for the wealthy business owners, chartering with CATS is now more affordable than ever. For a group of four people, business jet charter with CATS is comparable to flying commercial business class. There are no long-term contracts, deposits, or membership fees. Much like a commercial flight, you can just buy and fly!

With Toronto being the hub of business and finance in Canada, on-demand business trips to and from the city have become increasingly common. Unfortunately, for frequent business flyers, delays at the airport, hassles of boarding procedures, and uncomfortable seating means decreased productivity, stress, and lost time. CATS can take you on your next business trip not only based on your schedule but also in elegant style and comfort. With their exceptional service, premium aircrafts, and access to multiple flightpaths, they make sure that your business trip is customized to your needs. You can fly to one location or multiple destinations in one day by business charter jet! CATS will ensure that your business trip is tailor-made for you and stress-free.